David Roland Fine Art: Life Portraits and Fine Illustrations

Aaron Fodiman and Margaret Burnside

Portrait of Margaret Burnside and Aaron Fodiman


Life Portraits and Fine Art

      A portrait is much more than a photograph. A painted portrait is an original piece of artwork that you want to display, treasure and pass down to future generations. It records your presence, your image and your spirit of a moment or time in your life, and as a memorial to pass on. Portraits have always been traditionally painted to honor those of stature such as business leaders, political leaders and clerics. Portraits also represent the love of one human being for another, that of the parent for a child, the husbands love for a wife, or for a significant occasion for family and friends, i.e.; the loss of a loved one. A portrait can record change and formalize honor in ones life, such as graduation, a wedding, an attained level of success, a communion, etc..
     The artist David Roland is located in the Tampa Bay area of Central Florida. He is committed to producing quality upscale pieces of artwork of your family and your loved ones. He will travel to your location, for an additional cost, to discuss details and take working photographs and/or work from your favorite existing photographs.
     He is an extremely talented artist whose products are limited to fine art, illustrations and portraits in oil or pastel, portraits of children, family portraits and commission portraits.
      And, you can rest assured your satisfaction will always be guaranteed! He always produces drawings and paintings with framing to adhere to museum quality archival standards. This ensures that your purchase with him will have a timeless longevity.




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