I prefer to work with photographs that I have taken. As a portrait is really an expression of the interaction between a painter and the sitter. Toward the completion of the painting, sittings may be helpful to finish some details. When needed, sittings take place at the same time of day and usually last about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Frequent breaks are taken and every attempt is made to keep the sitter comfortable and at ease. It is ideal if sittings are held on consecutive days, but not absolutely necessary. When photographs must be used as in the case of a posthumous portrait, valuable help can usually be acquired from relatives and friends.
      A photograph session is arranged and the sitters is asked to bring a variety of attires, as much time is spent exploring various combinations of poses and background. It is important that we consider the locations and attire to end with a sense of the overall design, color scheme and pose that will be used. Even though, a portrait has a life of its own and may go off on an unexpected direction once begun. All payment is contingent upon final acceptance and approval of the portrait.
      A down payment of 1/2 is requested to hold the sitting dates, and 1/2 is requested upon delivery of the portrait. Travel and framing expenses are additional.







25" x 19"

Head & Shoulders



20" x 16"
Head & Shoulders

30" x 25"

Head & Shoulders



36" x 30"

Half Figure



Appropriate Size

Three- Quarter Figure



Appropriate Size

Full - Length



Above with appropriate neutral backgrounds.
Detailed interior or exterior backgrounds, fifty percent extra.Additional subjects, add fifty percent per person.
Travel expenses and shipping, if necessary are additional.


If you would like to contact me for further information, the e-mail is: info@davidroland.us
or call David Roland at 352 593 0720

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