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Natve Florida Art and Music
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"Adrift in the Sea of Tranquility"

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Gladiator Athletes of Florida"Exhibit

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Lee Nell Spears 2Native Floridian, Lewis WeltersNative Floridians - The 'Conchy Joes': - View the online exhibit of the multiple-award-winning genre paintings and drawings that makeup this confining series by David C. Roland.

Water LotusKey West SunsetAdrift in the Sea of Tranquility: - Some relaxing views of Florida.

Disappointing LogicsMichael JacksonEthiopian GirlInvisible ManThe Particulars Of Our Existence Exhibit: Explore expressive artistic representations of the people that have impacted our lives in this online interactive exhibit. Click here to watch the youtube movie.

Mural for Ducati of Clearwater.Murals and Large Art: Contemplate the fresh visual perspectives of some artists who's works appear larger that life. These paintings have various themes and design considerations, one with joint sponsorship provided by Ducati of America, Inc.

Derrick Brooks, oil
'The Gladiator Athletes of Florida' Exhibit: Through his interviews of 3 people with 3 different outstanding abilities, paintings were done based on those interviews. These life-long athletes have a unique passion for sporting and competitive spirit.


Derrick Brooks, oil'How Does Art Shape Your World?' Online Exhibit: A Call for Artists 2004 is issued for the Spring of 2004 by DRFA Online Gallery. Many activities, including music concerts (see the video), headed by a core group of local folk musicians call 'The Shady Hills Jug Band'.This concert and exhibit will feature artwork resulting from the 'Call' activities to be submitted by our participating Tri-County League of Professional Artists' affiliates around the state of Florida

Portrait of Ann
Portrait of EvaThe 'Life Portraits' Online Exhibit: Companion exhibit to a 25-year ongoing collection of portraits of everyday people, celebrities, the affluent and their children and families.This field of art makes a difference in the lives of individuals served by the art, with photos and abbreviated biographies of representative artists.

A Florida art Retrospective Exhibit: Florida art have enjoyed many years of bringing art opportunities to its artists and musicians. This exhibit is a retrospective of work created by the well known Highwaymen and other Florida artists,
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